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Hand-Crafted, Wooden Neck Wear.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are you kidding? A tie made out of wood?
A tie made from wood may sound funny, but when you see and wear a beautiful, hand-crafted Woodknot Tie, the only thing that will seem funny is the amazement and sincere intrigue displayed by your co-workers and friends. And talk about an ice-breaker! Wear one to a job interview and you will be remembered!

Can I sell Woodknot Ties in my store?
Yes. Contact us to find out about our special introductory offers and set up a custom Woodknot Tie display in your store!

How are Woodknot Ties made?
Our patented process uses a "tie-shaped" piece of wood, cut into sections, with an elastic nylon cord running through the sections. The sections allow the tie to conform naturally. The nylon cord holds the sections together when you are wearing the tie.

Are they ready to wear?
No stains! No dry cleaning! Get ready to make an impression! You may need to adjust the length of the nylon cord for a perfect fit, but other than that, they are ready to wear. Your tie will come with instructions on how to adjust your tie.

Are the wooden ties heavy?
Woodknot Ties are lightweight and comfortable -- averaging 2 to 3 ounces. You can wear them as long as you would wear any other article of clothing.

How durable are Woodknot Ties?
Woodknot Ties are as durable as any wood product. You can even clean and polish your tie the same way you clean and polish your coffee table.

What if the nylon cord breaks?
First of all, with proper care, the nylon cord should last for many years. But if it does break within the first year of purchase, you can send it back to Woodknot Ties and we will repair the tie for free.

I had a job interview for a sales position ... When I walked in, my [Woodknot] tie was the first thing we talked about. What a great β€˜ice-breaker!’ ... P.S. I got the job.
— Mike Torence, Charlotte, NC