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Hand-Crafted, Wooden Neck Wear.


...This is a truly unique gift idea.
— CNN Business News


Our multiple piece design allows the tie to bend and conform to men of all different sizes and shapes.

The elastic cord stretches over the head and situates under the collar for a comfortable fit and natural feel.

Pull the bottom piece stretching it downward; then release it and it pops back into place.


There are two methods of adjusting your tie to fit the neck properly:

  1. Temporary Adjustment
    Simply tie a slip knot into the loop.
  2. Permanent Adjustment
    Pull one side of the nylon cord from the bottom piece generating the desired tension around the neck. Then re-tie a knot and clip the excess.

Tie Care

Caring for your tie is simple.

  1. Keeping The Shine
    Use any furniture polish according to the directions on the can. This will maintain the finish & highlight the beautiful design or wood grain.
  2. Storage
    The Woodknot Tie can be folded accordion style and stored in convenient locations such as your car's glove compartment. No ironing necessary!
My son and daughter bought me a tie and I love wearing it. It gives me a reason to talk about my kids, and everyone has a wow reaction to the tie.
— Derrick Williams, Berlin, Germany